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You Must Agree To This Standard Booking Process In Order To Receive Your Reading

  • I agree to patiently wait the 2-3 consecutive days to receive my reading.

  • I understand I will receive a private link via email that directs me to my reading. 

  • I understand that readings are non refundable after it has been recorded and posted.

  • I agree and understand that if I leave a testimony it will be posted on the Website.

  • I understand that if I need further information or clarity about my reading I will have to book an additional session.

  • I understand that if my reading isn't able to be completed for any reason I will receive a refund.

  • I understand that PayPal is responsible for processing my refund after it has been requested.

  • I understand that if my refund is taking some time to process I can reach out to my reader.

  • I understand that If there are any issues it will be resolved immediately once my reader responds to my request about my transaction. 

  • I understand and agree that I can only get my refund through PayPal, and will not be sent through Cash App, Zelle, or Apple pay for any transactions processed on this website. 

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