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She read what I was going through to a T. Everything that was said was happening. If it didn’t happen, it did recently. Definitely gave me insight on how to handle it and carry on with my life in the best way possible.


I received a reading from Drea during a very trying time in my life and she hit everything that I was going through spot on.. Her readings are accurate and I would recommend her to anyone.


I never got a personal reading but I will say since I have been watching her live videos on fb and YouTube videos about the zodiac signs which I am a Leo and every time she makes one it definitely resonates with my personal situations . I am requesting for a reading as I’m typing this now


My reading was amazing. I’ve always been more connected to the spiritual world then others. Getting confirmation on the situation I was dealing with from a reading was comforting to know I was headed in the right direction. Would highly recommend everyone who needs advice or reassurance to get one for themselves.


I was waiting on my reading I love your energy tho your definitely genuine


I loved my reading everything was accurate and she told me about my whole situation without me even giving insight. She said that me and my ex would be having a big talk and we did recently. I love her collective readings I wish she could do one every week


I personally didn’t get a personal reading but I follow you on FB and I tune in to the collective zodiac readings and they was 100% accurate for me personally. I appreciate the light that you shed on me and others. Appreciate you for using your platform to ENLIGHTEN the people about “spirit”. Thank you!


Her readings are always on point!


My reading my absolutely amazing, everything was so spot on. Highly recommended


That reading was everything!!!! Like spot on. With everything that I’m going through, this definitely brought some clarity that I needed. Thank you.


I am so glad she clarified things with me with my lover I was to the point where I was confused but I definitely know I have to change my daily doing and focus on myself and that my lover is focusing on making things right with me and his family 😀I am so happy thank you girl you are the truth and you’re beautiful be blessed


She was ON POINT !!!!!! literally half of everything she said, has already happened!!!! And I'm so excited to see the other half happened! But I swear this is the 1st time I've done this and I have no regrets!!!!! I will definitely come again and do another reading and will recommend her to my friends! She's very sweet and very nice ! I had a question about scripting and journaling and she was so positive and reassured me that I'm doing everything right !(: 5 stars !!!


This reading resonate w me 100%!!! Everything that was said was very true to my situation! Loved this !!


My reading was amazing, she was clear and answered my questions fully, she did not beat around the bush. The reading was on time & clear. I will be recommending her. I felt comfortable and assured. I appreciate her & the spirts for being so real and genuine.


I found Dreaa on YouTube and fell in love with her energy, so I booked a reading. Listen, when I say that reading was SPOT ON of what I was going through in my life, I was blown away. I even reached out for clarity on a few things and she was happy to assist. Thanks for being you, so genuine, raw, real, and gifted. I can’t wait for my next reading!!!


My reading was awesome. It gave me a lot of clarity and confirmation that I have needed answers to. Thanks Dreaa

Starr Lee

EVERY thing that was said resonated deeply. I highly recommend trusting her to help you get more guidance from your angels, because not only will she be on point with what’s going on she’ll give the clearest answer/ advice along with it. I definitely will book again.


Dreaa’s personal readings are always on point. She is the only person I trust to tap into my energy. I also follow her on Facebook to tune into horoscope readings. There has never been a time something has not resonated with me.


Everything she has stated was so real. I have always been scared to do things like this but my heart really needed it. I was fighting a personal illness and after doing this it helped. I don’t regret going through with my decision I can finally go to bed without crying. You are truly special and a blessing Drea thank you 💖


Omg rite on lol tfse I am letting the past be the pass in moving on to better


Dreaa is honestly amazing! She is so thorough and descriptive with her readings. This was the first time ever having a virtual reading and it was amazing! I found so much clarity and understanding in my reading. She truly cares about her clients and their readings. She is so nice and professional. I can’t wait for my next one! Thank you Dreaa!


Drea is always point on with my readings ! I had 3 readings by her & all of them has been accurate !! I’ll never let nobody else read me ! She is just amazing !!!


I’ve gotten so many readings from her in the past, she’s always accurate. I received the yearly reading at the beginning of the year and literally everything is playing out month to month as she said. I didn’t even know I was going on a trip in June but she said she saw me somewhere tropical and I actually planned a trip to Florida about three months ago not thinking about the reading until I went back to look at it. She’s the best ✨


I just love her she has been so spot on with my readings everything she says is gone happen happens. I have had reading from others that never came true so I would recommend her to everyone she’s the truth 💖


I'd like to start off by saying this is the second time ive booked a reading with you and honestly could say everytime you basically read every emotion thought and the whole nine. You can definetly remember the name because ill be booking every month atleast. Love you Dreaa <3


Thank you for using your gift to help us on this journey. You have been a blessing to us and we’re looking forward to everything the future has to bring. Will be utilizing your services again.


As usual your readings are confirmation for me. I literally don’t see anyone else but my twin flame but things aren’t going how I would like so I just recently moved 15 hrs away to another state to work on myself and my passion. I love him to death but my self love comes first and I think that’s what draws him to me more. I Just have to breath and know I’m worthy of everything is coming to me. Thank you so much ❤️


I love every reading I get from divinely drea. My reading touched me today because it was so accurate to situations.thanks to her I understand situations more clearly. Her energy is always great. I will definitely be booking more


Absolutely Amazing experience! My questions were answered in such genuine detail. I could feel the spirits with me in confirmation as she spoke on my personal reading. **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**


I’ve always watched her lives and felt like there was a connection and that’s she made made a lot of things clear for me in her readings and those were general readings. I think of you are really debating on if this service is worth it is. I’m an over thinking and I have so many questions to try it out I just started with the one but I will be back for more. Thank you this has helped me make a decision and move forward . I loved this reading it resonated with me and helps my anxiety ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Wow! This is my third session with Dreaa and all I can say is wow. She is so kind and genuine you can feel it through the video. Thank you for being a bridge between us and spirit. Forever a customer. 💖🫶🏾

Alicia R

Omg I loved the reading ‼️ Definitely resonated with me and everything you said was really spot on 😭‼️❤️


I just listened to my reading and I couldn't help but to smile. You were on point, I saw that the Emperor & King of Cups kept popping up. I just said a few days ago that I feel like I'm in a 7 of cups energy because of all these people interested in me right now and then you pull the card saying the same thing lol I am working on myself because I just want a lot of new everything. My gifts are growing and the downloads are almost constant. I saw that the fertility card is still following me lol Thank you again Damnn Dreaa for your insight, time and providing confirmation to what's crossed my mind. Almost 2yrs of getting resting with you and I love your delivery 💗


Definitely resonated 100%. She basically answered and responded to every question & thought i had in my head within the 2 questions i asked and she explained everything so thoroughly i nearly cried 😭. Thank you so muchh Dreaa🫶🏾


Best reading I've had by far i loveee her work been following her for awhile now she’s a very great mentor and great and what she does❤️


I had a reading yesterday for the first time, and I would 100% suggest booking with DivnelyDreaa! Everything she mentioned has resonated with me. She was extremely helpful and provided wonderful advice thanks girl!


Yes my reading did resonate I felt like she was talking to me face to face & gave me clarity on what I needed i HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Skye berry 💕

I loved my reading so much. It’s crazy how much it resonated I shed a tear of joy. She’s the truth and I love her so much! Thanks again 💜


Everything was on point , I really enjoyed it. Tho it was kinda bittersweet but I already knew, and you definitely confirmed it. It was very much well worth it ♥️. And I’ll definitely be booking again ! Thanks


My reading 100% resonates with my life right now thank you so much👏 Highly recommended

Tiera Veals

I really love the reading I feel like it resonated with me and I really appreciate you dreaa you do an amazing job .

Destiny Deaner

most accurate and helpful readings ive ever gotten! she’s very gifted and GOD fearing so i would definitely recommend trusting her with your energy


The whole entire reading was spot on. Everything that was said I definitely resonated with. I love her calmness and the soothing of her voice, there’s a sense of peace within her voice. There were signs within her reading things that I’ve heard before or been told before. I will definitely come back for a reading.


I love the way she was truthful with everything and she said what came to her from the spirit guides and that she told me what the cards meant. I thank you Divinely Dreaa. Stay well.


Oops She Did It Again!!!!!!!! Uploaded another one of the best readings ever!!!! It felt like Facts ❤️ Thank you


Drea is wonderful very insightful, proactive and kind, I highly recommend her


She is always on point I can honestly say I love my readings !


Thank you so much Drea! You hit everything right on the head & I really felt it all. I will be back again, you’re really awesome! You made me feel so much better thanks again to you & spirit 💗💗 love you!


Everything about my reading resonated 💗I’m already a fan so having her read me was awesome !! Thank you soooo much Drea


Dreaaaa 💙 You always deliver and your message aligns with what I've been thinking and feeling. I'll take that advice and apply it where it goes. Thank you for my end of the year reading and you know I'll be back in 2023!


Drea you’re the truth 🤞🏽 You’ve helped me confirm things I was reluctant about and I’m excited for what’s to come 💕


Dreaa did an amazing job.. everything she said resonated and she hit everything on the head with what’s going on currently as far as the energy surrounding my situation & she gave me the clarity I needed. Highly recommend her to all my friends & anyone just seeking assistance or guidance on their life’s journey… thank you so much again Dreaa.


I would like to say dreaa did a good job on my reading. Very on point with all the questions I needed answers to. And I would definitely recommend her if anyone wants a reading done .


Thank you so much your reading really helped me a lot ♥️


This message resonates to me so much it’s mind blowing. I knew from the start when I first started following you how much I connected to you. Thank you for clarifying what I already knew I will continue to work on me and patiently wait. Thank youuuuu so so much I will definitely be back


I’m just now seeing this but my reading was so spot on and I will be booking again thank you soo much I really needed to hear this ❤️


My Reading Was 100% On Point !! Drea Is My Favorite Soul Sister/Tarot Reader I’m Already An Intuitive Person So I Honestly Already Said/Felt Everything She Said In My Reading ,I Just Self Doubt Myself A Lot So It Was Basically My Confirmation Which I Needed Badly lol ! I Highly Recommend Coming To Her !! She’s Def The Best 💓💓💓


Dreaaaa thank you so much for my reading boo. I got the clarity I needed and appreciate you for taking the time to give advice for me. Everything you said is on point, and I look forward to everything playing out for me. I look forward to booking your services again! Love and light ❤️


Yea my reading resonates for me and brought a lot of clarification i need it i love her reading and will be back soon🫶🏽


My reading resonated with me completely! Not more so of what i wanted to hear but more of what i needed to hear! She was super sweet and spot on! I highly recommend


Thank you so much Dreaa! You validated and confirmed so many questions I had and the whole reading absolutely resonated. I appreciate your insight and again thank you so much love!


The reading was definitely the confirmation I needed with going in the right direction in my life and the people in it


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